OUR craft

Our specialized team provides a diverse range of perspectives on everything from setting financial targets to managing family wealth dynamics. We’ll explore every aspect of your life connecting the dots between finance, business, and family to construct a blueprint for long-term financial success. From the master plan to the finer details, we’ll protect you from financial dangers addressing even the most complex financial challenges and helping you prepare for all of life’s stages.

Multi-Generational Wealth

We will partner with you to protect the same values you were raised with and ensure your children and grandchildren will inherit the land and legacy you’ve worked so hard to preserve. We will address your full range of goals from wealth preservation to cross-generational succession and everything in between with a focus on sustainability.

4 Pillars of Legacy Planning

For a seamless transition from generation to generation, we will create a plan using the 4 critical components of effective succession planning.

Business Planning

Your vision of how the business should look, act and feel and the action plan designed to bring this vision to fruition.

Estate Planning

A written plan (supported by financial professionals) to transfer assets to the next generation while minimizing tax liabilities and implications.

Ownership Succession

A written commitment detailing who, when and under what conditions ownership and management responsibilities are transferred.

Retirement Planning

A written plan preparing for the day you decide you want to slow down using ongoing financial planning to facilitate your choices in retirement.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on Nobel Prize winning academic research and decades of practical experience rather than speculation. Disciplined in our process, we do not believe in stock selection, market timing or Wall Street trends to guide our strategic decision making. We carefully structure our diversified, low-cost investment portfolios to balance risk, minimize taxes and maximize return.

We believe…

In the power of the markets, while speculation is unpredictable with a high degree of risk.
The allocation of your assets determine long-term expected return, not the selection of an individual security.
Diversification is an essential countermeasure in managing undue risk without compromising performance.
A diversified portfolio of smaller, undervalued companies with high profits will have a higher expected return.
Investing globally often provides a better return at a given level of risk than stocks and bonds alone.

Our Services

Wealth Management

Building a portfolio begins and ends with your goals and aspirations. Our signature service provides a holistic team of primary financial advisors (Investment Advisor, CPA, Estate Attorney) to design a sound wealth management plan that integrates the matters of investments, tax, risk management, and estate planning. Listening deeply to who you are, what you want and where you want to go, we will manage your investments and create a roadmap for your future.

Retirement Planning

We aim to provide you with the peace of mind and freedom to work less or even stop working to achieve the lifestyle you desire. We will simplify and streamline your financial affairs to ensure that your assets and wealth you have accumulated will last throughout your lifetime.

Business Succession Planning

We will address the unique challenges presented when passing a family farm or closely held business down to the next generation. We will help protect you from unnecessary income and estate taxes and unforeseeable liabilities, such as bankruptcies, lawsuits and family dynamics.

Risk Management

Free from sales quotas or commissions, we do not sell insurance products and instead, deliver unbiased and objective advice. We will analyze your current coverage (if any) and guide you in determining the proper amount of life, disability, automobile, long-term-care and umbrella liability insurance for your needs.

Charitable Giving

We will work with you to align your money with your values. First, we will evaluate your future spending and discuss how you will distribute your wealth among your heirs, the government and charitable organizations. Then, with a deep understanding of your philanthropic objectives, we will advise on tax-appropriate vehicles to accomplish your goals.

Investment Management

Through our disciplined approach to investing, we will balance your liquidity needs and risk tolerance through a combination of appropriate diversification, allocation and hedging practices within the regulatory parameters governing restricted and control securities.

Real Estate

We believe investing globally and including real estate, commodities and MLP’s often provides a better return, at a given level of risk than using stocks and bonds alone. Our advisors are trained to evaluate and implement strategies for concentrated Real Estate holdings, often the case with the rural and agri communities we serve.

Investment Management

We help grow and safeguard your money through systematic investing practices and diversified portfolios customized to meet your individual needs and investment parameters. Ensuring your assets and liabilities are aligned with what matters most to you, our advisors will help you identify your life goals, income needs, risk tolerance, time horizon and social values. We consistently monitor and evaluate your portfolio with consideration to the ever-changing economic landscapes as well as your evolving needs.

Asset allocation

Rather than focusing on individual stock selection, we believe asset allocation is critical to long-term success. Aiming to balance risk with return, we work hard to develop an asset allocation strategy composed of the proper mix of investments (stocks, bonds, real assets and cash) properly aligned with your goals, objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.


This risk management technique uses a wide range of investments and asset classes in your portfolio. We actively diversify your portfolio to minimize the risk of investing and smooth out, to the best extent possible, the ups and downs of different market cycles.

Professional Money Management

Managing money is a full time job. It takes time, focus, expertise and continuous study. We design portfolios based on research, rather than speculation. We strive to achieve consistent, broadly diversified portfolios that yield higher expected returns while balancing risk, costs, taxes and other trade-offs.

Essential Planning

Planning for your future is the foundation of financial security and is critical in building long-term success. Moving at a comfortable pace, we will analyze your opportunities and any hidden roadblocks. We will provide you with objective answers to your most pressing financial questions and concerns and design a comprehensive financial plan to ensure all the pieces of your financial life are moving in the right direction.

Cash Management

Financial planning should always start with cash management. Serving as the foundation of your overall financial plan, cash management addresses two major issues: 1) finding the funds necessary to fund your plan, and 2) ensuring that your cash is used to meet your goals.

Budgeting and Spending

Evaluating your spending habits by developing a budget makes you think twice about your relationship with money. The basis of your money relationship starts with a budget, and with proper care, develops and/or maintains financial well-being.

Retirement and College Planning

Planning for your future is a continuous journey. Not only does inflation, the rising costs of goods, markets and tuition regularly change, but your life and your vision for the future are also ever-changing. We help assure that your assets are available for what you want, when the time comes.

Insurance Planning

We annually analyze your insurance coverage ensuring that your needs and the needs of your heirs are met. We will evaluate the policy type, cost structure, hidden fees and weigh out the benefits to protect you from unforeseen risk and to protect your legacy in the way you originally planned.

Wills and Trusts

No matter your net worth, it’s important to have a basic estate plan in place because dying without a will means giving up control. Such a plan ensures that your family and financial goals are met after you die and will allow you to dictate how your assets are distributed. Taking inventory of your assets—investments, retirement savings, insurance policies, and real estate or business interests—is essential to the planning process.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is meant to help you determine your wishes and create a plan that makes them possible. We will help you achieve your legacy goals and provide continued financial security for your family and future generations.

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