OUR roots

At Yield Wealth, we are uniquely positioned to serve, through our roots in multi-generational farming and wealth management, we bring a personal perspective and deep understanding to the specialized needs and challenges our clients’ face.

Focused on building sustainable wealth, our mission is to bring clarity, stability and control to our clients and their financial lives. Together, we partner with our clients to create a solid financial foundation to grow, protect and distribute their wealth with a clear vision of the future.

Our Core Values

We are a company built on our commitment and dedication to our clients’ success. The core values at the heart of our business guide our actions and shape our legacy.


above Self catering to the needs of our clients.


to do more of what you do best and love most.


with an open mind speaking with care and compassion.


in understanding who a person is and where they are.


to deliver clarity of the entire truth.


to be who you are and communicate directly.

The “Do Right Rule”

As an independent, fee-only registered investment advisory firm, we sit on the same side of the table as our clients providing unbiased and objective advice. We act as a financial steward adhering to the fiduciary standard to always do what’s right for our clients. We deliver sound judgment and disciplined advice free from sales commissions, proprietary products, and any conflicts of interest.


Benefit Corporation

We don’t just talk the talk. As one of the first Benefit Corporations in the state of Arkansas, we lead the charge using business to solve social and environmental issues. Striving not only to be the best in the world, but also the best for the world, we are committed to building a sustainable business and creating a positive corporate footprint. As a Benefit Corporation, we signed a declaration to use business as a force for good serving society and all stakeholders, not just shareholders. We go beyond investments and strive to better our staff, community, partners, vendors, and the environment.

Meet Charles

After working over 12 years for the giant Wall Street firms, Charles was ready to break away from the confines of corporate financial management. Motivated by his vision to create a business that aligns with his beliefs and capabilities, Charles founded Yield Wealth. His passion is to help people produce an abundance of what matters most to them freeing up time to do more of what they love. Believing that we are all a product of our own environment, his priorities include: Family, Health, Relationships, Career and Quality of Life.


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Institutional Partners


Yield Wealth partners with leading financial services firms to provide comprehensive institutional resources while still maintaining a personal business touch. We are selective in choosing our partners, demanding high standards of excellence and a commitment to upholding our values as a registered investment advisor. We are also proud to acknowledge that none of our partners accepted money from TARP.

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